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The following tests are available in office and are free for the clinic patients.

Pregnancy test– Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (urine).

Koenisberg Adrenal Test (Urinary test to verify adrenal insufficiency or adrenal exhaustion).

Rapid Strep Test (Throat swab for streptococcal infection).

Routine Urinalysis by Dipstick (To check for infection, concentration of urine, blood, glucose, protein, ketones and vitamin C status).

Glucose Blood Test (Measures abnormalities in blood sugar including hypoglycemia and elevated blood sugar).

The standard range of hormonal and other general blood tests are available through your Naturopathic Doctor and conducted by through Gamma Dynacare and LifeLabs. Please note these tests are not covered by OHIP.

Our Naturopathic Clinic offers innovative and precise laboratory diagnostic testing to aid in your case workup. We will look over your existing bloodwork to avoid duplication before recommending tests for you.

Specialized laboratory tests (by Rocky Mountain Analytical Lab):

Allergy Testing (ELISA) (well-researched method for testing for food allergies. It tests the subjects blood against a wide array of food proteins to see if there are any bad reactions).

Hair Element Analysis (predictive test for nutritional mineral status and toxic metal).

Tests Performed on Saliva:

Male Panel (test for male hormone balance including testosterone, estradiol, DHEAs and cortisol).

Female Panel (test for female hormone balance including estradiol, cortisol, progesterone, testosterone and DHEAs).

Adrenal Function (test for adrenal cortisol secretion to assess levels of stress hormones & adrenal fatigue).

Other tests are also available.